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Whitfield Bryson & Mason Investigates Potential Wi-Fi Connectivity Defects In Laptop Computers by Asus, Dell, HP, Sony and Toshiba

WBM is investigating complaints that a number of laptops do not get proper Wi-Fi connections and that the manufacturers have been unable to remedy the problem. Laptop manufacturers advertise that their laptops have Wi-Fi functionality, making them ideal for consumers who are always on the go and seeking dependable wireless connectivity. However, many consumers have reported that they have had difficulties connecting to the Internet wirelessly, even when near a wireless router. Consumers have also complained that when they have contacted customer service departments, they were offered inconvenient Wi-Fi dongles, or received costly, received time consuming and ultimately ineffective warranty service, or were promised a software patch that did not remedy the issue.

WBM believes that these laptops may contain a defect in the Wi-Fi hardware – specifically, the Intel 7260 series Wi-Fi chip – that prevents their users from connecting to the Internet wirelessly, often even when they are sitting within arm’s reach of a wireless router. Without Wi-Fi functionality, these laptops are not dependable, mobile, or able to handle the mobile computing needs of consumers. WBM believes that manufacturers are aware of the defects given the number of complaints posted on manufacturer websites, and that the manufacturers are unable to remedy the defect. 

If you own a laptop and are experiencing Wi-Fi issues, you may have a claim against the manufacturer. The following models are currently under investigation by WBM. If you are experiencing Wi-Fi issues with one of these models, or any other laptop, please contact for more information.  

Laptops Under Investigation

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