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We Know What It's Like to Ride

At Whitfield Bryson & Mason, we've been representing motorcycle riders for more than 25 years. Whitfield Bryson & Mason co-founder John C. Whitfield is a licensed rider and member of the Madisonville Motorcycle Club.

The Unfair Prejudice Against Bikers

John knows all too well that one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome in recovering fair compensation for injuries from a motorcycle accident case is the insurance companies’ prejudice against bikers. Far too many people quickly dismiss bikers’ rights to the road by claiming that you take your chances when you get on a motorcycle. That attitude toward bikers is unfair and has no place in the courtroom. 

We fight to show the insurance company and the jury why you deserve full and fair compensation for your injuries. We have a strong record of significant settlements and verdicts for people hurt in motorcycle accidents.

Don’t let the other side minimize your claim.

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