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We Know Coal Mines

Whether it's on the surface or underground, coal mining is dangerous. Every day, miners face hazards like cave-ins and explosions, braving countless perils to get the job done. 

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For over 25 years, the attorneys at Whitfield Bryson & Mason have been helping people injured in coal mine accidents recover for their injuries. 

We’ve helped people recover after coal mine accidents in a number of different circumstances, for instance:

  • Mine and broiler fires
  • Faulty machinery, like cage accidents and crosshead falls.
  • Shaft mishaps, like roof falls, dam failures and water inrush
  • Trapped miners
  • Mine explosions

When you or a loved one is injured in a coal mine accident, don’t face the coal company alone. They will undoubtedly try to minimize your loss. 

At Whitfield Bryson & Mason, we know the coal industry. We understand the needs of injured coal miners and our attorneys will protect your rights. 

Don’t let the other side minimize your claim.

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