Class action suits prove,
time and again, that’s there’s
power in numbers.

Strip Searches 

Whitfield Bryson & Mason represents individuals who were strip searched following their arrest for misdemeanor crimes or minor offenses in county jails throughout the country. In these class action cases, plaintiffs allege that the defendant-counties maintained an unconstitutional policy of strip searching arrested individuals without regard to the crimes charged in violation of the Fourth Amendment.

Unconstitutional strip search class action cases are currently pending in Erie County, NY; Niagara County, NY; Allegheny County, PA; Bexar County, TX; and West Virginia.

Google Buzz

Whitfield Bryson & Mason represents the plaintiffs in a class action against Google alleging that Google’s launch of its Buzz application violated various state and federal laws protecting electronic privacy. The introduction of Buzz was met with public outcry when Google users realized their frequent contacts and other private information was publically disclosed.

Black Farmers

Whitfield Bryson & Mason represents clients in the proposed $1.25 billion nationwide class settlement on behalf of tens of thousands of black farmers who were denied equal access to U.S. Agriculture Department loan programs. The settlement addresses claims from black farmers who were excluded from participation in an earlier settlement with the government over USDA loan discrimination.