Class actions prove,
time and again, there’s
power in numbers.

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Class actions 

When a large group of individuals has been wronged or harmed, but no one person has enough economic incentive to bring suit on his or her own, class action litigation is useful. 

These kinds of cases are highly complex and often very lengthy, requiring a law firm with the financial and intellectual resources to continue to pursue a judgment throughout the process.

Whitfield Bryson & Mason is equipped to take a strong leadership role in nationwide class action suits. We have the manpower, resources, technology and experience necessary to provide effective representation. And we’re committed to performing the daunting amounts of preparation that these kinds of high value cases demand.

Our attorneys have earned an impressive reputation for providing quality representation in class action litigation throughout the country. They have represented thousands of consumers, homeowners, professionals, investors and businesses to take on sizeable corporations, banks and government entities across the state and across the country.

And they have obtained very favorable results.

Primary areas of class action litigation

Whitfield Bryson & Mason have handled a variety of class actions, including lawsuits against:

  • Major manufacturers of construction material, including Dryvit, Goodyear, LP, Certainteed, and Knauf
  • Major manufacturers of automobiles, including Ford, Chrysler, VW, Toyota and Nissan
  • Major internet providers, including Google and Earthlink
  • Major employers, including Staples, Inc., Rite-Aid, Pizza Hut, Five Guys,  and MedStar
  • Major manufacturers of household appliances, including GE, GlobalStar, Whirlpool, Maytag, Sharp and Toshiba
  • Major pharmaceutical manufacturers, including Merck and Bausch & Lomb
  • Major insurance companies, including Allstate, State Farm and The Hartford
  • Major polluters, including BP, Exxon, Chevron and Texaco
  • The United States, including the Department of the Interior and the Veterans’ Administration

Whitfield Bryson & Mason also pursues class actions on behalf of individuals who have suffered damage from the discharge of toxic substances into the environment. We have been successful in cases involving devastating groundwater contamination caused by oil refinery and transportation disasters and leaking underground storage tanks, and are also currently involved in groundbreaking federal climate change litigation.

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