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WBM Looks into Water Problems in Homes with Windsor Pinnacle Windows

WBM is investigating alleged defects in Pinnacle windows, manufactured by Windsor Windows & Doors.

Consumers who purchased these windows allege that the sealant bead between the insulated glass panels and the exterior window frame does not hold up, leading moisture to build up. In some cases, engineers have found that the water leaking from the windows rots and deteriorates the wall framing, causing structural problems in the home that can reduce the load-carrying capacity of the surrounding wall.

Windsor warranty states that “all Pinnacle windows and patio doors will be free from defects in materials and workmanship that significantly impair their operation and proper usage.” Yet, consumers allege that Windsor has not honored that warranty, leaving them responsible for costly repairs and windows replacements.

“Consumers purchased Pinnacle windows believing that bought a high-quality product guaranteed by the manufacturer,” said Daniel Bryson, WBM partner. “Unfortunately, they are experiencing problems with the windows, and finding that Windsor does not stand behind its product. 

If your house has Windsor Pinnacle windows, please contact Matthew E. Lee, WBM attorney, at 919-600-5005 or matt@wbmllp.com