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WBM Gets Go-Ahead for Class Suit Trial Involving Entran 3 Heating Systems

Judge R. Brooke Jackson of the U.S. District Court for Colorado has certified a statewide class of homeowners who have Entran 3 radiant heating systems. The class is defined as “All persons, trusts, corporations, partnerships, associations, and/or entities in the State of Colorado that own or owned real property in which Entran 3 hose has been installed.”  

Plaintiffs allege that these systems will inevitably fail, and now the case can proceed to trial. The Entran 3 system is used to provide radiant floor heating and snowmelt systems. The systems were sold by a company called Heatway, which no longer exists, and uses rubber hose manufactured by Goodyear, the sole defendant in the class action.

The plaintiffs allege that parts of the hoses can become brittle and break, leading to water damages to property. Hundreds of homes in Colorado have Entran 3 radiant heating systems, according to Gary E. Mason, WBM partner.  “If you have a radiant heating system, you need to inspect the hoses near the manifest and see if any are marked Entran 3," advises Mason, plaintiff’s class counsel.  “If so,  please contact class counsel immediately.” 

You can email Gary Mason at GMason@wbmllp.com.