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WBM Files Lawsuit Against MedStar Hospitals on Behalf of Healthcare Workers for Unpaid Meal Breaks

On April 16, 2014, Whitfield Bryson & Mason and Kolman Ely, P.C., filed a collective and class action lawsuit on behalf of healthcare workers against MedStar and six of its component hospitals, alleging that the company failed to compensate nurses and other healthcare workers for missed meal breaks. Plaintiffs allege that MedStar uses an “automatic deduction system,” which means that thirty minutes of wages is automatically deducted from employees’ pay, regardless of whether the employee takes a meal break. In a fast-paced hospital setting, the Plaintiffs contend that they often worked through their meal breaks. The workers allege that Medstar does not provide a way for its hourly employees to receive compensation for missed meal breaks or discourages them from doing so. "As of today, the lawsuit covers 51 different departments in six different MedStar hospitals, and we are investigating all of MedStar's hospitals for potential violations of state and federal law relating to this pay practice," said Nicholas Migliaccio, a WBM partner who represents the plaintiffs along with Gary E. Mason and Jason S. Rathod, and David Cohen of Kolman Ely. Mr. Rathod was quoted by the Southern Maryland News as saying that the allegations show “that MedStar may have been achieving dramatic cost savings on their part that they were not entitled to, and, that should be going to their workers.”

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