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WBM Files Class Action Against Wayfair to Stop Deceptive Advertising

WBM has partnered with noted California law firms Robertson & Associates LLP and Ahdoot & Wolfson, PC, and the Pennsylvania-based firm Berger & Montague, P.C. filed a class action lawsuit against Wayfair.com its false and deceptive advertising. The case was filed in the Central District of California.

The lawsuit involves Wayfair’s practice of using false and deceptive advertising to sell its products. Wayfair deceptively advertises "sale" prices for its products when the prices are really Wayfair’s regular prices. Wayfair deceives people into thinking they have received a great deal on a product by including a "former" price that is stricken through and then advertising a much lower "sale" price. Despite claiming that a customer would save between 20% and 75% off, the customer is really just buying a product at the regular price. Wayfair also tricks its customers using a classic bait-and-switch tactic, luring people by advertising a low price for a product and then redirecting them to a much more expensive product.

If you suspect that you have been deceived by Wayfair, please contact us at 919-600-5000 or email us at info@wbmllp.com.