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WBM Files a Proposed Class Action Lawsuit Against Lenovo for Allegedly Defective IdeaPad U Series Notebooks

WBM filed a class action suit on October 22, 2013 in the Superior Court in the District of Columbia alleging that the plaintiff's Lenovo IdeaPad U410 Notebook does not get a proper Wi-Fi connection and that the company refused to honor its warranty for the defect in the product.  The Complaint alleges that Lenovo advertises that its IdeaPad U Series Ultrabooks have Wi-Fi functionality, making them ideal for consumers who are “always on the go” and “dependable enough to use whenever you want.” However, the Plaintiff alleges that he had difficulties connecting to the Internet wirelessly, even when he was sitting next to his wireless router in his home. He further alleges that when he called the Lenovo customer service department, he was told to mail the Ultrabook to Lenovo to be reset, and that when the notebook was returned to him several weeks later, he saw no improvement.

The lawsuit alleges that these notebooks contain a defect in the Wi-Fi hardware that prevents their users from connecting to the Internet wirelessly, often even when they are sitting within arm’s reach of a wireless router. The lawsuit further alleges that without Wi-Fi functionality, these computer notebooks are not dependable, mobile, or able to handle the mobile computing needs of consumers. Plaintiff alleges that Lenovo knows of the defect and is refusing to honor its warranty, in violation of the District of Columbia’s Consumer Protection and Procedures Act.   Among other things, the Complaint seeks to compel Lenovo to establish a program to inspect, repair, or replace all affected computers that manifest a defect in Wi-Fi capabilities, and to compel the company to establish a program to reimburse its warranty claims previously denied or paid in part.  

The Plaintiff and proposed class are represented by Gary Mason, Nicholas Migliaccio, and Jason Rathod of the Washington, D.C., law firm Whitfield, Bryson & Mason LLP, and Jordan Chaikin of Parker Waichman LLP. For more information, please contact us or call us at (202) 429-2290.