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New iPhone 5s doesn’t measure up, say customers, bloggers

Customers of Apple’s new iPhone 5s are complaining that the phones’ measuring tools don’t work properly. 

The motion sensors for the compass, gyroscope and accelerometer — a tool particularly important for gamers — appear to be calibrated incorrectly. One blogger found the compass off by 8-10 degrees compared with a physical measuring tool, while some customers reported using the phone’s level and finding it to be off by 2-4 degrees. Another customer complained that the gyroscope didn’t work properly for a racing game, causing a car to steer to the right.  Users of the previous generation iPhones have not experienced these difficulties.

“Buyers of the latest iPhone 5s paid a premium for their phones,” Jason Rathod, a consumer protection attorney at Whitfield Bryson & Mason LLP, said. “In return, they should have, at least, received a phone that has fully functional motion sensors. Reputable websites, such as Ars Technica, indicate that the iPhone 5s motion sensors may have performance problems."

If you bought a new iPhone 5s with the latest version of iOS7 and have found these same types of problems, Whitfield, Bryson & Mason would like to hear about it. Please call us toll-free at 1-855-WBM-ATTY (1-855-926-2889) or send an email to Jason Rathod, JRathod@wbmllp.com.