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CSST Danger Featured on 'Today Show'

A segment on NBC’s “Today Show” this morning focused on the dangers of corrugated stainless steel pipes and a Texas man who was killed when a lightning strike led to a gas explosion in the house he was visiting. That explosion has been blamed on alleged defects in the pipes.

A fire marshal in Lubbock, Texas, found that the fire that led to the explosion was caused by a lightning strike that sent electricity into the home, burning tiny holes in the yellow corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) that supplies the home’s appliances with gas.

In widespread use since the late 1990s, this tubing creates a risk of fire from an electrical arc when struck by lightning. The National Association of State Fire Marshals estimates that yellow CSST was not bonded properly in about 7 million homes nationwide.

Attorneys general and fire marshals throughout the country have advised the public to have their tubing checked to ensure it is properly grounded and installed, or to remove it entirely, according to WBM partner Gary E. Mason, who is representing homeowners nationwide who are seeking to recover the costs of inspecting their CSST systems as well as the costs to replace or repair them.

For more information about CSST systems and your right to seek recovery of inspection and repair costs, please contact Gary Mason at (202) 640-1160 or by email at gmason@wbmllp.com.