Robocalls and Spam Text Messages

Pre-recorded calls, or “robocalls”, and spam text messages are a common phenomenon in todays mobile world. The federal government has created a law to penalize companies who make robocalls and send spam text messages. Under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”), companies are prohibited from sending spam text messages and making robocalls to consumers’ cell phones without their consent.

Your rights are violated under the TCPA if you receive more than one unsolicited call by a robocaller or received more than one spam text message within 12 months.

You can recover money for the violation of your rights under the TCPA on a “per violation” basis. This means that each time a company robocalls or spam texts you without your consent, you are entitled to damages for each call or text. TCPA violations are higher if they continue to call you after you have told them to stop.

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