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Tribune Review Reports on WBM Lawsuit Against Calfrac

By Gary E. Mason | 

October 3, 2012 - A class action lawsuit brought by WBM in Pennsylvania on behalf of  current and former employees of Calfrac Well Services LTD was the subject of a recent article published by the Tribune Review.  As reported by the Trib, the employees claim that Calfrac does not pay fracking operators for all the hours they work, does not keep accurate time sheets and does not pay time-and-a-half as required by state law when they work overtime.  WBM Partner Nicholas Migliaccio is quoted in the article as saying that Calfrac allegedly uses payment policies that are illegal in Pennsylvania and believes that other companies in the industry are using similar, unlawful, methods of paying their employees.  The Trib further reports that the state Department of Labor and Industry is investigating whether oil and gas companies routinely misclassify employees as independent contractors to avoid paying unemployment insurance, overtime and workers' compensation premiums. You can read the entire article here: trib_live.pdf