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Top 10 Motorcycle Safety Tips

By John C. Whitfield | 

As a motorcycle enthusiast and a member of a motorcycle club, I ride as much as anyone. My practice here at WBM consists in large part of helping riders who have been involved in a wreck while on their bikes. Rest assured that if one goes down on a motorcycle, nothing good comes from it. Given that I have ridden for so many years, and assist riders after an accident, I thought it a good idea to look at safe tips to prevent an accident — or at least lessen the blow both physically and financially.

Here are my tips:

  1. Wear a helmet. Always. NO EXCUSES.
  2. Keep a safe distance from cars or other traffic. Stopping distances are distinctly different for a bike than   for a car. Take that into account.
  3. Watch the weather — rain and cold are a biker’s worst enemy. Check the weather so you can dress appropriately.
  4. Wear proper boots, gloves, and attire.
  5. Always use the back break first. Using the front break first is a recipe for disaster and one of the easiest ways to crash.
  6. Gear down to reduce speed; learning how to gear down to reduce your speed is crucial.
  7. No alcohol. With reaction times vital when riding a motorcycle, stay off the juice.
  8. Assume nobody can see you. When I ride, I always make this assumption. Many times car drivers cannot see you — or if they do, they believe that they, not you, have the right of way.
  9. Be wary of sand and gravel. These two are your enemy; avoid them at all costs.
  10. Watch for road hazards. Look yards ahead of you and anticipate hazards that can bring you danger. Remember that on a bike, these hazards are much more dangerous than in a car.

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