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Remediation of Villa Lago at Renaissance Commons Set to Begin

By Gary E. Mason | 

At a meeting of homeowners and tenants of Villa Lago at Renaissance Commons, Gary Mason announced that the remediation of Chinese drywall units at Renaissance Commons would begin November 1.  "The project will start with about 30 units on the top floor," said Mason, "and will continue floor by floor for the next 12 months." In all, more than 300 units will have all of the drywall removed and replaced with non-corrosive drywall.

Representatives of Moss, the general contractor in charge of the project, indicated that the remediation of each unit would take no more than three months. During that time period, owners and tenants will not be able to access the unit.  Moss told residents to expect noise from the construction during regular business hours. Otherwise, the disruption to residents of the building will be limited.

Unit owners and tenants with questions about the remediation should contact Whitfield Bryson & Mason by calling (202) 400-2335 or by sending an email to lsiegel@wbmllp.com.

To see a video of the homeowner's meeting, click here.