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In Praise of Class Actions

By Gary E. Mason | 

Pittsburgh personal injury attorney Rob Peirce spoke out in favor of class actions in an editorial appearing in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.*  As Pierce points out, the effort by big business to restrict class actions, or end them altogether, would mean that consumers would be unable to join together to fight unfair business practices, such as unadvertised resort fees added to your bill, false promises about the availability of concert tickets, or even deceptive claims about the side effects of new medications, to take but three examples.

A successful class action could, to use the resort fee case as an example, result in a few dollars or a coupon for money of the next stay.  More significantly, it could force the end of the deceptive practice and even discourage other hotels from imposing similarly deceptive fees.

"Well-run businesses have nothing to fear from class action lawsuits," says Pierce. "Its about punishing the bad apples."  Class action lawsuits, he says are one of the most effective means for punishing the bad apples, ensuring they do not further harm consumers, and prevent the bad actors from tarnishing the reputation of rest of their industry.

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