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HP Chromebook 11 likely not fit for everyday use

An increasing number of complaints are mounting about the battery charging capabilities of the HP Chromebook 11. Google and HP advertise that HP Chromebook 11 is "for everyday" and that "your Chromebook has 6 hours of battery life." However, this is has not rang true for everyone who purchased the device.

Owners of the HP Chromebook 11 are reporting that their devices will not charge with provided charger, nor third party chargers. Often times, the device will charge intermittently, and then eventually not at all. This alleged defect has left HP Chromebook 11 owners with unusable Chromebooks, often requiring multiple replacement unit. Yet, this appears to be a mere bandage to a festering problem.

We are investigating whether owners of the HP Chromebook 11 may have a claim against HP for selling a product that was not fit for use. If you own a HP Chromebook 11 and might be interested, contact our attorneys to learn more.

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